Tuesday, July 24, 2012

صباح الخير

It's a sunny morning in the Swedish archipelago. I'm up earlier than the rest of the house doing some work and listening to happy songs. We all had a late night last night watching X-Men First Class after returning late from a day in Stockholm spent eating cake at a 17th century underground cafe in the Old Town and looking at the sculptures outside of Moderna Museet, the modern art museum in Stockholm (which is unfortunately closed on Mondays).

My family and I came to the conclusion that the sculptures depicted industrialism damaging mother nature, but a French artist also admiring the sculpture garden believed that it displayed paradise. Please comment with your interpretation! Anyway I should get back to work before my cousins wake up. I just wanted to share a happy song, a good cafe, and an interesting sculpture with you. I want this to be a travel blog, and how would it be one without some travel recommendations for other adventurers out there? I hope your tuesday is as sunny and temperate as mine looks like it will be!

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