Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Like a Dream

Song of the week: Saboti - Ease (Marlon Hoffstadt Remix)

When did I stop feeling normal and start feeling my insides turn to jelly from nervous excitement at what is ahead? Why do I feel like this when I have lived in three different countries already? I sense, though, that this is the thrill that I live for as a born vagabond. In 10 days I arrive in Amman - to be exact 10 days and 12 hours. THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS! I have finished all my work commitments for the summer. My family, except for my dad, have returned to the USA. I am now feeling the pressure of spending four months in a country I've never visited before build up. I love the feeling, but it is definitely uncomfortable. As I feel more excited than ever, I also feel all the more unprepared, or as if all my preparations have been the wrong ones. I am now frantically rereading all materials sent to me by my study abroad program provider, CIEE, who I so far have had a very good experience with (their website is very attractively updated). I am also going over the many websites and blogs about Jordan that I have saved since I was accepted into the study abroad program on the fortuitous day of the 29th of February. I will share some of them with you at a later date when I am not feeling so restless, since many have proven to be very valuable resources.

The most nerve-racking advancements in my preparation for my semester abroad are the two interviews I have lined up today and tomorrow for internships in Amman. Today it is with the Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association and tomorrow it will be with Friends of the Earth Middle East. I have never done a skype interview, so this probably adds to my nerves. Anyway I should go back to reading over materials about Jordan, trying to review Arabic (which I have found out is nearly impossible with nerves knotting up your stomach and mind), and preparing for my interviews.

Greetings from an ever so grey and green Sweden!

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