Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Photographic Memory

Since Urkult ended we have had some days of rest and relaxation before we leave the pastoral paradise of the sparsely populated north for more adventures. It has been a much-needed vacation that I would not have awarded myself if I had not been in this remote location. One of our past-times here have been sorting through old photos and looking at old baby videos. From my dad's striking and National Geographic-worthy photographs of South America in the early 1980s to my first attempts at dressing myself at the age of two, countless memories have been recorded, saved, and stored in a shed for us to rediscover years later. I look forward to seeing what photos I will cherish and save from my time in Jordan, because I will definitely be having a digital camera in hand. I only hope that some of them will be of the same quality as my dads incredible travel photography. However, it is important to remember to look up from the camera lens and appreciate the constant flow of time. Yesterday while watching the sunset on a bridge I composed this poem. I'm also including some photos of Ångermansälven, the river that flows through this region of Sweden.

The Day We Failed to Stop Time
Broken by the sound of camera shutters
Cluttering the air
As the daily yet rare
Sunset is conserved
And consecrated on paper
Tapered by momentous peace
And our slowed breath
Follows the river dale breeze
As we quietly watch the body
Of sky rush beneath our feet

Among other news, I now have the list of possible internships that I can do in Jordan. I so hope I get a position at one of the companies, since I really want to not only study in the country, but help it develop too. I will keep you updated on whether I get a position and where. Cross your fingers for me!

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